Monica Jansen (Utrecht University) & Claudia Nocentini (University of Edinburgh)

In this contribution the search for "something more" is analysed through the experience shared by Calvino and Celati of the would-be journal Alì Babà, never brought into being because of their final dissent. "Something more" is intended here either as the need for a radical change in the aftermath of 1968 of the concept of "impegno" embodied by the writer intellectual (Calvino), either as the exploration of all the new theories generated by the "frantic intellectualism of those years" (Celati). When Calvino is first of all interested in finding new ways of communication, rationalising his public role as a writer, Celati is rather interested in the "Stimmung" conveyed by the treasures found in Alì babà's cave, and cherishes irrationalism. With the help of Gianni Vattimo's concept of the postmodern intellectual we can relate Celati's unbound attitude to the image of the "artista di strada" (street artist) and Calvino's preoccupation with the loss of certainties to the image of a "prete senza gerarchia" (priest without hierarchy). The search for "something more" is restaged by some online journals founded in the new millennium. While Zibaldoni e altre meraviglie could be viewed as a continuation of the lines set out by Alì Babà, other online journals and blogs like Carmilla online and Nazione Indiana rather seem to wish to return to the militant role of the intellectual.