Studies in Italian language and culture

General Editor: Harald Hendrix
(ISSN: 1874-9577)

Italianistica Ultraiectina publishes books and edited volumes in the field of Italian studies. The series is promoted and hosted by the University of Utrecht, and welcomes texts in Italian, English, French, German and Dutch. Books or essays submitted for publication must not have been previously published nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. In the case of texts previously published in another language, it is possible to publish their translation. Contributors will be asked to release copyright for their books or essays to IU, but subsequent republication will be allowed as long as full mention is made of its first publication in IU. All texts will be subject to peer review. Electronic submission for all texts is required.

Contributors wishing to propose the publication of a book or an edited volume should contact the General Editor, Harald Hendrix, with a detailed proposal, listing all contributors, their academic affiliation, titles of essays/chapters, and brief abstracts of each essay/chapter. Samples of at least three essays/chapters need to be included in the proposal. Contributors can expect a decision on publication within two months of submission. Final submission of all texts must be in a camera-ready mode, following a detailed style sheet provided by the General Editor. Authors (in the case of books) or editors (in the case of edited volumes) will be given the opportunity of checking proofs before publication. Texts are published online in a pdf-format and in HTML (optional). Printing on demand is a standard option for all publications in IU.

All correspondence is done by email: